Sunday, 26 May 2013

Sunday Sunshine

Hi and a happy sunny Sunday to everyone. 
It's a while since I blogged. The days pass so quickly and it's finding the time to sit down and write and to edit photos. I will endeavour to do better from this one :-)

Two weeks ago i did a parchment weekend with Karen Shaw in Ballycary in Northern Ireland. It was an inspiring workshop and Karen is an excellent tutor. I learned so much and met some wonderful people.
The cat we did in pencil starting with the eyes and nose. Then we started with a stripe from above the eyes to the top of his head and continued working the fur in our chosen colours from there. All the cats looked different but in similar colours when we were finished.
Then we worked the frame and added the gold ink and voila ........Here is my finished project. 

I will admit I had to redo the frame when I got home as I got lost in all the dots in one corner when I was in the classroom. and I wasn't able to save it. But I did all the different bits and pieces and was able to do it from scratch when I got home. 



  1. WOW Kay this is absolutely stunning!! I am a cat lover and this is superb!

    Linda xxx

  2. That cat is adorable - so lifelike - super work - love it!

  3. Hi Kay, your card is amazing. Lovely work. Aiveen.

  4. Absolutely stunning. I love the cat and the framing around it it sensational.

  5. Absolutely gorgeous, the art work id beautiful, such a lot of hard work, I love it, Yvonne


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