Saturday, 12 January 2013

Playing with inks and paper.

I was inspired by Creative Jump Start by Natalie's studio and decided to play with some inks, a mask with circles, stamps and embossing.
 I put some blue red and yellow ink onto a craft sheet and transferred it onto a sheet of paper. I didn't like that so I spritzed the ink on the craft sheet with water and swirled it with my finger and  put the paper onto it again.
 I liked what I got and I decided to use a mask with circles on top of the background. You can still see some of the green and blue dots near the top. I put too strong a red on it so using a small butterfly stamp I created flowers out of them. It looked like a garden so I embossed some larger butterflies onto it in gold and then added centers in the flowers using liquid pearl drops.

Gold embossed butterfly.

Liquid pearl drop centers in the flowers

I will stamp and emboss some extra butterflies and put them on to create a 3D effect.

 I hope it inspires you to try something different.


Happy Saturday afternoon, I  was going to post these photos of cards yesterday but due to a technical hitch  it didn't happen ( I couldn't find the lead for my phone to transfer the images).So here I am today, a grey January afternoon, having a nice cup of tea and I see the lead I was looking for in my bag of wool.. How it got there I don't know but it means that I can now get my photos from the camera on my phone. And here they are.....

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Happy New Year

We start a New Year again with all our hopes and dreams.
 I wish a year of health and happiness for everyone.
All my Love, Kay