Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Back to school day

Well here I am again after unintentionally taking the summer off. I'm not making any promises after reneging on the last one but I will do my best to write here as often as I can.
I love this time of the year, I'm not sure why. I loved school and learning so maybe that is it and when it is still warm but with a little autumnal nip in the air it stirs something in me and its time to start something new or just to be creative again. 
I have completed a few things over the summer and have also moved into my daughters room as my craft room. She is now in her brothers old room, so we had a flurry of painting and decorating and moving of stuff ( All mine being dumped into her room so that she could move as quickly as possible). Everything is on top of each other and I reckon I could fill two rooms. I cannot show any pictures yet as I have the moving in photos but not the sorted out ones yet.
Yvonne Here now has a fantastic space in her attic. I have an 8ft x 11ft room so it will take me some time to get it sorted.
I do have a new desk and chair and lots of bits and pieces that my family put together for me as a present for a big birthday I celebrated in July. It was a total surprise and is very much appreciated.
So after all that here are a few pics of cards that I made over the summer. I won't put them all up now just a few to show you what I've been up to.

 Wedding card and matching box.

 A card for a cheeky monkey who had a new baby brother.
A man's birthday card.

A family Wedding anniversary card (commissioned)

The insert for the above card.

My Birthday Prezzie.