Thursday, 21 August 2014

A Friendship Blog Hop for Lisa.

It's  been a while since I last blogged and with summer flying past it's coming into my favourite time of the year. 
Time to restart blogging again and what is a better way than a Blog hop.
 But it's not any old blog hop ; 
Our dear friend and brilliant crafter Lisa Tyrrell has suffered ill health over the summer and is still in hospital so this is a Friendship Blog hop for her.
I'm very excited as it is my first one. Maureen Scott ( No 1 on the list) organised this group of friends, Mad Crafters and Gigglers into an orderly lot and you can find them all below. You can visit us all or whomever you like but you have to visit Lisa's Blog and leave some love in a comment for her. 
I made a simple card using distress inks and stamps.

Here is the list of the blogs that are participating, you are at Kay Roche now so if you want to start at the beginning hop on over to Maureen ......
Thank you all for taking the time to leave comments and cheering up Lisa.
 Have a wonderful day.
Kay xx

Maureen Scott –
Jackie Cornfield -
Vicky Fortier -
Zoe Russell -
Teresa Morgan -
Bettina Leikvoll -
PaulineMargaret Stewart -
Karen Willis -
Linda Simpson -
Kay Roche - Thats me.
Erin Bentley -
Kath Muckypaws Halstead -
Kristy Deyette -
Susan Renshaw –
Kay Mowat -
Fiona Walker -
Stephanie Lukaszewski -
Kyra Eunkyo Kim -
Catherine Craftyhands Wilson Dobbs - 

Sheena Fitzpatrick -

****Lisa Tyrell - ******