Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Blogging again

Hi All,
I'm back in the lands of the living again or should I say Blogging.
Its a beautiful day here in Kilkenny. The sun is shining and I'm enjoying it as I think there is more RAIN forecasted.
As I haven't written for a while I'll try to catch up with my self.
I went to An Grianan at the end of May for a parchment class taught by Ann Quinn and had a wonderful time. I met new friends and learned a wonderful craft. She is a marvellous teacher!!
Here is some of the work I did with her.

I also started a frame in grid work and will up load a photo when I take it.

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  1. Beautiful Kay, I wish I had the patience, to do parchment, would love to see them, next time we meet up.


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