Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Morning Sunshine

Hi, We had a little sunshine at 6.30 this morning,
and I was inspired to take some photos.
It was a little chilly tho'.

This is the view from my kitchen.
 I can see all the way to the Forth mountain in Wexford.
The mist is on the river Nore as it winds it way down the valley.

The view as I see it from my kitchen window - I must take down the shamrocks :-)
I'm blessed to live in such a beautiful place.


  1. Beautiful view is right Kay - it looks lovely and relaxing. Shirley

  2. You surely are blessed. May you continue to to enjoy this beautiful in good health. Aileen

  3. I too might get up at 6.30 if I had that view to look at. Your last few cards are fab. Aiveen.


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