Tuesday, 11 October 2011

My Zentangle

Hi Everyone,
Thanks to Yvonne I spent all last night doodling. I followed the link for Inspirational Craft Blogs and found 'Zentangling'. Of course I had to have a go as I've spent most of my life doodling if I had a pen in my hand when listening to someone in class or at a seminar etc.
Well here is my first official Zendoodle :-)

I drew a few loopy loops on a piece of card and using a fine nibbed pen I filled them in and embellished the outside spaces then.
There are patterns that you can follow but I just had fun and did what I felt fitted in.
Shading and folds and different patterns give a dimensional appearance.
This piece is only 3" by 3". Try it yourself and have fun.



  1. Kay that is fantastic! If that is a doodle then I am a monkey's uncle! It would look great on a card or in icing on a cake....

  2. Thank you....mmmm ideas,ideas :-)

  3. Hi Kay
    I think this is very clever,would love to see it coloured.

  4. Ooh I would like to embroider it 


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